Simpl (Social Influence Monitoring Platform) is a real-time monitoring system for buzz relevant to our clients. It is plainly designed for intuitive use, and users can easily download automatically-produced daily and weekly reports. The user can monitor buzz using any mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.)

Seekr by Ars Praxia


Seekr is a professional analytics tool for collecting posts on social media related to a campaign or a brand, and locating highly engaging content and influential users. Seekr can also collect lists of highly engaged users in the specified content.

Optimind by Ars Praxia


Optimind is a specialized semantic network analysis solution for visualizing and quantifying the key characteristics of unstructured data like natural text. It can extract significant insights from the text by elucidating the relation and meaning of keywords based on a social psychological model.

Rose by Ars Praxia


Rose was developed to filter out redundant data, to understand the key characteristics of structured data, and to utilize structured data through the use of a selection of machine-learning methods. Users, including consultants, can allow the artificial intelligence system to “learn” using its easy-to-use user interface, classify enormous amounts of data as he or she wishes, and interpret the underlying phenomena behind the displayed data.