Marketing Intelligence by
Linking Big & Small Data

Ars Praxia carries out design research, UX scenario making, marketing consulting, and new product development planning by combining its unique big data analysis technology with traditional ethnography.

Marketing Plan

Derives an effective marketing plan through the analysis of social media, web, and internal data.
Extracts the deep needs of customers by applying the unique semantic network analysis method to the interviewed experts or users.

UX Scenario

Develops the most adequate user scenario based on the data analysis of the user’s behavioral pattern.

UI Design

Designs the user interface based on big data analysis that is optimized for the client’s inherent needs. We directly develop the customized tool and deliver it to our customers.

Policy Intelligence with
Big Data Analysis & Field Research

Policy consulting is carried out through field research, and utilizes big data analysis technology to analyze various relevant data sets. Ars Praxia also exerts efforts to provide policy advice and to develop new national and social assessment indices and milestones.

New Media Strategy

Establishes strategy for central or regional government to effectively collect public opinion and communicate with citizens with new media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social Innovation Strategy

Provides innovative strategy with organic integration of big & small data, creative hypothesis and deep insight

Global Cooperation

Ars Praxia helps international organizations and governments with the most advanced data scientific research capability and accumulated future strategy development